Lovin' life!

Love what my friend Laura is giving away for a GREAT CAUSE!!!! Help the orphans in Haiti and get something for free from Pitter Patter Art! Check it out here!


1st haircut and our new blog

Yes its true, Nile got a haircut. I know its heartbreaking!! It does make him look so big but its nice not having to cut out knots everyday. It was starting to fall out and looked weird. We did love the big hair look and cannot wait for it to grow out again. Hopefully this time it won't grow in patches and we will have a nice fro by summer. :)

Our friend Betty from Africa cut it for us. She was not a fan of his big hair.

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to take this blog in another direction. I changed my mind and I am just starting another blog. I want this blog to be about Nile and our adoption--I will continue to update on him here. I have lots of people that enjoy following Nile's story but won't care about the other stuff that I will blog about. Click here to check out my new blog!



What adventures lie ahead in 2010?

Oh what a precious year 2009 was!! A year I will NEVER forget....a year of learning about God's faithfulness, provision, love, mercy, and seeing a glimpse of His heart. I am in awe of the precious life that he brought into our family and how it has forever changed us. I love Nile beyond words and I am still amazed at how well he fits in our family. I never thought it would feel so natural.

Since this adoption is behind us I think this blog will become more than just about our adoption. God has stirred some other passions in me lately that I will be sharing about.

Here's what you can expect from my future blogging. Yes, I will keep you up-to-date on Nile and more on my other kiddos Bowen and Anslee, but right now my passions are learning what being a Christian "like Christ" looks like, reading any and everything about authentic Christian living and orphan care, adoption, parenting, nutrition, being a staying at home mom, and homeschooling.

I already have blog post in my head that I have been waiting to find time to type! Stay tuned.

Happy #adoptionday2017