In 2 weeks from today.....

I will be in Ethiopia meeting my son for the first time! For those of you who have walked with us through this over the last year. Thank you , thank you!! Here is our first post on here ever. Neat reading it and seeing where we are now!

I wanted to post and let everyone know we are out of Medium shirts. Praise God! We have sold lots in the last few weeks!!! We are so pumped! God is providing last minute cash to take to Ethiopia. Of course, I knew he would! We are soooooooo stinkin' blessed!!

More pics of Nile coming soon.....


August update on Nile

Today we got our final update on Nile before we see him. I needed to know what he weighed so I would know what to pack for him. He is currently about 12 weeks old and weighs 8lbs. He is basically the size of a newborn. So I will be packing tiny diapers and clothes for my little man!! They told me that he has had a viral issue going on but was better now. Praise Jesus! It was all of those prayers I have been praying for him to stay healthy. He is eating 4-5 oz 7 times a day. I guess that is normal? I forgot all of this baby info plus this will be my first formula baby so I'm learning! They said he is a happy baby and fussy when he wants to be held. I think I can take care of that. :)

This mommy is ready!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I may actually sleep better once he is here, safe in my arms.


Travel details....

We just booked flights!!! I wanted to let everyone know that I will putting more info on facebook than I will here. If you check my blog and we aren't facebook friends you need to sign up. Since this is a public site I don't want to put too many details on us!!!

Cannot wait to see my baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We still have room for donations for our Nile's transition home and the orphanges we will visit.
-diapers, formula, baby or kids meds, clothes, ect.....


Nile at 12 weeks

I had a sweet friend take new pictures of Nile this week. She is there with him now, loving and praying over him. Cannot wait to hold him!!!


This week...

On the agenda this week:
Get concrete travel dates
Book flights
Get updates on Nile with pictures. YIPPY!

We are on the fast track now. We will be leaving in less than 3 weeks and are so excited. I have about 2 pages of things to pack so I am working on that now. There are so many things you have to pack when travelling overseas not to mention all that is needed to fly with an infant for 17 hours. Yes, 17 hours in the air. Can you imagine. If you have any travel suggestions please send them my way.

Clay and I were talking about how everything had been so smooth throughout this adoption. Passing court was our last big hurdle and after I got the call I felt like it was a dream. It is feeling more and more real now that I am packing bottles, onesies, diapers, ect.

Tonight I went through tons of clothes that were donated by a sweet friend from her consignment sale. It made me smile thinking about what a blessing those clothes will be to some precious children.

I will post new pictures of Nile when I get them!

"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you."
John 14:18


Pictures of Nile Tadele

Here is our precious boy at 20 days old. He was 5.5lbs in this picture. I should be getting more recent pictures next week. I am dying to see and hold him. We should be travelling in about 3.5 weeks!!!

He is now about 11 weeks old. We had a sweet family go last week that took pictures of him. There were some communication problems and the nannies brought out the wrong child at first. She did go back in and took more pictures of the baby that they pointed her to. We think the second set of pictures is Nile but we still aren't 100% yet. It looks alittle like him but he looks soooooooo different and really big. I am trying to confirm that it is him before I post pictures.

We are just in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



pray for our court tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our case will be in court tonight in Ethiopia. They are 8 hours ahead of us so it will be in the middle of the night. We should hear something in the morning--telling us if we passed or not. Oh I pray we pass!!! I know God is in control-pass or fail.

Check back tomorrow for news and hopefully pictures of Nile!!!!


In less than a week....

Less than a week away is our court date.  We will have 3 children!!! It still seems surreal that we have a baby on the other side of the world. I think I will have to see him in person to really grasp it all. Right now there is a family in Ethiopia picking up children and they are taking pictures of Nile for us!! Next week a friend will be there with him and give him a care package. I included a picture of our family, a blanket, two outfits(one was Bowen's) and one of our kids baby toys.

If we pass I can then put his picture on here. He is a doll. I cannot wait to show off. I am so ready to see new pictures of him. I am hoping they are fattening him up with some great formula donated by Tom Davis.
This week my sister in law and some girls from church gave me a baby shower. It was so awesome to have their love and support!! I got some precious gifts. Here are pictures:

My painting and onesie were done by Laura Kelley. Check out her site: http://www.pitterpatterart.com/


1/2 price ADOPTION T's

Currently we are planning our travel to Ethiopia, hopefully in September. Our tenitive dates are the 12th through the 19th.

We will be purchasing plane tickets and our travel package very soon, so we thought we would do a half off sale on our T-Shirts to raise some travel money.

We have about 28 shirts left that we are selling for $10 a piece.
We have no smalls left, 9 Mediums, 12 Larges, 5 XL and 2 XXL.

Happy #adoptionday2017