And the winner is...........

Watch the video to find out who the lucky winner is!

Thank you to everyone who bid on this beautiful piece of art!

If you didn't win thank you for supporting our efforts to bring home a son from Ethiopia! Everyone is a special part of this journey!
If you are interested in having this piece for yourself click here to contact Laura Kelley at Pitter Patter Art. She is selling them for $100! She is a very talented local artist that does custom art, paintings, kids clothes, ect...... They too are adopting from Ethiopia so anything you purchase from her goes straight to their adoption fund.

A big thank you to Laura for making this piece for me to raffle and thanks again to all of you!!



Everyone is going to be blown away by how many tickets have been sold. I will reveal on Monday! Only 3 days to go, so if you haven't bought your tickets buy them now!! See post below for details!


Raffling Art!!

My artist friend Laura Kelley with Pitter Patter Art made this unique mixed media piece for me to raffle here to raise money to bring home our boy! We still need about $18,000 to complete our adoption.
This is a 16x20 mixed media on canvas with different name of Jesus. Media used includes acrylic paint, paper, ink, charcoals and a medium matte glaze. Don't you love this piece. I do! I would love to keep it myself!!
This would make a great gift or you can keep it yourself.

Tickets will be $10 a piece. That will get your name in the drawing once. Buy as many tickets as you want for a better chance at winning!! Just click on the donate button to your right and put the amount you are donating. We will have an actual drawing and we will put it on here for you to watch! You could win this beautiful piece of art for only $10.
The raffle will end Monday, December 22nd at 11am. Email me with any questions you have tracycornett@bellsouth.net

Laura is so talented visit her webpage here to see all of her work! They are also adopting a son from Ethiopia!! If you order anything from her it goes straight into their adoption fund.



DTE means dossier to Ethiopia! Oh yeah baby! We are so excited to get our papers out of here! That means that our agency has reviewed our papers and so has the US government. Now the papers will go to Ethiopia to be reviewed and to match us to a child!! I cannot believe it! Our agency says we'll have a 5-7 month wait for a referral. The 5-7 months flucuates often up to 7-9. We hope to travel this summer but know God is in control and will have us in Ethiopia when our little boy is ready!

September and October of every year the Ethiopian government closes down so no adoptions are processed during that time. Pray that we get there before then and don't have to deal with court closure!!

Lots of people have asked what we will do to pass the waiting time. With a 2 and 3 year old I don't have much time to ponder and worry about things. They keep us so active and busy it will be nice. Plus, my other goal is to catch up on scrapbooks before baby #3 is here. We are thinking up more fundraising ideas and working on grant applications too.

Thanks for you prayers!!


Merry Christmas by Third Day

Today I bought this Third Day Christmas CD and found a song about adoption. Its AWESOME. It's a song to a child being adopted that isn't with the family yet. So sweet and special to me at this time.


Dossier still in the US :(

Well, I thought our dossier was mailed Friday and on its way to Ethiopia but I got a call today telling me that it wasn't sent and they needed more stuff and MORE $$! A real bummer. I immediately got that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. We try not to let it get us down but it did. We know that satan wants to get us down and discouraged. Pray that we remember constantly that its out of our control and in God's alone! Recently, we found out that Clay's work is doing another cut so its hard not to worry about that too.

They are saying that it will be mailed this Friday. Pray that this week it makes its way through Washington smoothly.

I just read the coolest post ever: This is the world's cutest child recently adopted from Ethiopia. He tells his family about Jesus visiting him in the orphanage. I will let you read it for yourself click here.


End of the year Tax deductions

Some of you have asked about end of the year giving. I know at this time of the year alot of families are looking for last minute tax deductions. Our agency has a program where you can donate to our adoption fund and write it off on your taxes.

Please email me if you are interested in this process: tracycornett@bellsouth.net

We still have about $16,000 needed before we travel.

We are still coming up with fundraising ideas. Let me know if you have any good ideas too!

Thanks for all of your love and support!

Happy #adoptionday2017