DTE means dossier to Ethiopia! Oh yeah baby! We are so excited to get our papers out of here! That means that our agency has reviewed our papers and so has the US government. Now the papers will go to Ethiopia to be reviewed and to match us to a child!! I cannot believe it! Our agency says we'll have a 5-7 month wait for a referral. The 5-7 months flucuates often up to 7-9. We hope to travel this summer but know God is in control and will have us in Ethiopia when our little boy is ready!

September and October of every year the Ethiopian government closes down so no adoptions are processed during that time. Pray that we get there before then and don't have to deal with court closure!!

Lots of people have asked what we will do to pass the waiting time. With a 2 and 3 year old I don't have much time to ponder and worry about things. They keep us so active and busy it will be nice. Plus, my other goal is to catch up on scrapbooks before baby #3 is here. We are thinking up more fundraising ideas and working on grant applications too.

Thanks for you prayers!!


Rachael and Jon said...

Yeah!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Ours was sent December 3rd and I remember a huge feeling of relief. But now it's kind of strange just "waiting." Before we were doing paperwork like crazy, makes you feel like you're sort of "in control" of the timeline since the pace was set by us. But now, it's all out of our hands! What fundraising ideas do you guys have in mind? We'd love to hear some.

TinyJr said...

Congrats!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome.

Tracy said...

so wonderful to see you guys last night and meet your precious little ones! congrats on being dte!

Brea said...

CONGRATS!!! PRAYING that your wait time is SHORT!

Aaron said...

You don't know us. I stumbled onto your blog while looking for a Third Day video. However we just brought home our second son from Ethiopia in August. I just want to say congratulations on your dossier. Things will move quickly from here! Also I want to encourage you in what you're doing. God has taught us a ton about patience during our waits. Blessings!

Happy #adoptionday2017