Raffling Art!!

My artist friend Laura Kelley with Pitter Patter Art made this unique mixed media piece for me to raffle here to raise money to bring home our boy! We still need about $18,000 to complete our adoption.
This is a 16x20 mixed media on canvas with different name of Jesus. Media used includes acrylic paint, paper, ink, charcoals and a medium matte glaze. Don't you love this piece. I do! I would love to keep it myself!!
This would make a great gift or you can keep it yourself.

Tickets will be $10 a piece. That will get your name in the drawing once. Buy as many tickets as you want for a better chance at winning!! Just click on the donate button to your right and put the amount you are donating. We will have an actual drawing and we will put it on here for you to watch! You could win this beautiful piece of art for only $10.
The raffle will end Monday, December 22nd at 11am. Email me with any questions you have tracycornett@bellsouth.net

Laura is so talented visit her webpage here to see all of her work! They are also adopting a son from Ethiopia!! If you order anything from her it goes straight into their adoption fund.


Amy Lafayett said...

Great piece of artwork! I love it. I entered the drawing. . . hope I win. I am going to post on my blog about it. . . is that okay? I will put a link to your blog so hopefully many will make a donation and enter the drawing themselves!

Melanie said...

i love this piece! i just donated thru the blog...hope it worked.

saundra said...

That is so cool! I was trying to think of words to write on ornaments for a Jesus tree....you just had them all right here. Thanks & I hope I win!

Heather said...

Tracy!! I love this piece, i just commented on Amy's blog. Can I give you the money in person on Sunday at church?? We are coming into town. If not I could do it through your site I guess. This is a great piece, did I say that already?? I love it!!!

Sarah & Joe Scott said...

Pick me, Pick me!! I'm amazed at the talent this girl has. What a treasure and generous gift to you! God is so amazing. I love the way he uses others to fulfill His purposes.

Melody Vaudrey said...

I know it would look a little funny if I won this so tell Laura I WANT ONE!!

Believing said...

How beautiful! I donated. I will post it to my blog with a link as well. I don't have much traffic though. lol

Brea said...

Wow, this is simply stunning. We just bought our tickets. Will you do one in my name, one is Anna's name, one is Luke's name, one in Isaac's name and one in Mary Elizabeth's name? THANKS!

Brea said...

P.S. I think you should raffle off Clay's Christmas sweater next. HA HA

Happy #adoptionday2017