Merry Christmas by Third Day

Today I bought this Third Day Christmas CD and found a song about adoption. Its AWESOME. It's a song to a child being adopted that isn't with the family yet. So sweet and special to me at this time.


heidi r weimer said...

That's awesome! Thanks for sharing that.

I was looking at your blog and the links on the right. I saw "Sweet Family adopting #9" and I thought WOW that's WILD! NINE!

Then I realized, Oh, that's us. Insanity at its best. :)

izzyopas said...

very cool song!! i love it.

Team Dragovich said...

Thank you for sharing!! Now I'm all teary to start my day. I will be heading to iTunes to look for it now :)! Merry Christmas!
Shari from AWAA YG

Jason Egly said...

Ok. Thanks for making me cry in my office today. People here at this church think I am crazy.

I am.


Believing said...

I have loved this song since I got the album last year. It is so heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. :)

Rachael and Jon said...

thanks for sharing. how did you get that video? i'd love to put it on my blog too.

Chris and Celeste said...

Thanks for sharing this song. I found your blog on FRUA.

Happy #adoptionday2017