Tax Deductible Donations

If you are interested....

Send it to:

America World Adoption Agency
6723 Whittier Ave., Ste. 406
McLean, VA 22101

Include your name and address so they can mail you a receipt. You will receive a receipt from America World for tax purposes at the end of this fiscal year.
Thank You!

Please email me if you have any questions.


Home Study is off........

We are so excited our home study is off to the USCIS! Now we will wait for the prized I-171 form. This form is the last thing that stands between us and Ethiopia. I cannot believe it! It could take up to 8 weeks but I have seen some people get theirs back really quickly(a couple of days) and I am hoping we are that luck!! Pray with us that we get it quickly. I am praying 4 weeks or less. I just really don't want to get caught in the Ethiopian 2009 court closure.

Thanks for keeping up with our progress and praying for us!

I can now start appling for grants so I will be busy with that for awhile.
We should have approval through our agency for tax-deductable donations really soon! I will post when that is available. I have some of you ask me about that.


T shirt give away!!!

Many of you have asked if we have a name picked out for our son.

He will have a name when we get his referral but we have the choice to change it. I think we will keep part of his name and change his first name to something easy to pronounce. So, no we don't have a name for him and probably won't name him until we get the referral and see what his name is. There is a slight chance that he could have a super cool name that we wouldn't change.

I love to talk baby names. I take the job of naming a child very seriously. I love to help people name there children too! I am always ready with a list for anyone who ask. Well, I have my list but my husband isn't into the baby name game like I am. So just for some fun blogging interaction here is what I am going to do.

In the comment section leave a baby name suggestion and I will put your name in a drawing for one of our adoption T's--if you already have one you can give it to someone else!! I will announce the winner on Friday! Make sure you put a way for me to contact you with your comment.

Side note: We hope to have our home study to USCIS by next week!

UPDATE: KP was our winner! Congrats!


My last post pricked hearts, just like I prayed that it would! I have had lots of phone calls and emails from people telling me that they are now considering adoption because God used our blog to touch their hearts! Yeah! That is why I blog. I am generally a pretty private person and was unsure if I wanted to start a blog but I knew God was going to use it "for HIS glory" hence the name of my blog. Please call me with any questions! If I cannot answer them I will direct you to someone who can.

We have continued to have amazing things happen financially! Just over the weekend we received $750 in donations. That is so huge and encouraging to us!

Click here to check out this post from one of my favorite blogs. This family just returned home with a little 4 year old boy from Ethiopia. He is beautiful!! They took pictures of other little boys in his orphanage that need families now. Can you help?

I AM DONE WITH OUR PAPERWORK! We are finished with home study visits and our social worker is now writing up our home study. We'll keep you posted!

Happy #adoptionday2017