Home Study is off........

We are so excited our home study is off to the USCIS! Now we will wait for the prized I-171 form. This form is the last thing that stands between us and Ethiopia. I cannot believe it! It could take up to 8 weeks but I have seen some people get theirs back really quickly(a couple of days) and I am hoping we are that luck!! Pray with us that we get it quickly. I am praying 4 weeks or less. I just really don't want to get caught in the Ethiopian 2009 court closure.

Thanks for keeping up with our progress and praying for us!

I can now start appling for grants so I will be busy with that for awhile.
We should have approval through our agency for tax-deductable donations really soon! I will post when that is available. I have some of you ask me about that.


Erin & Chris said...

Hi! I just want to thank you so very much for your inspirational blog. We (Chris and I and 3 bio kids) are also in the process of adopting from Ethiopia and just sent in our first formal application packet and fee yesterday. I'm very much a rookie blogger, so thanks for all of the information and ideas on your blog! I want our family and friends to be able to track with us as we go. Where did you get some of your Ethiopian adoption statistics? I'd love to use some of those as well. Good luck and may God bless your family!


Kristi J said...

congrats!! You'll be on that wait list soon!!!Kristi

The Jackson Family said...

Congratulations on a completed home study! I look forward to following your journey. Your blog is wonderful and inspiring! Sara

Happy #adoptionday2017