What will it take to open your eyes?

For me it took a visit to Africa. Here are things I've observed and how it changed me.
-I have seen complete joy in Christ alone even when you have no earthly possessions.
-I saw Jesus shine brighter through people with no earthly possessions.
-I am now aware of what poverty really looks like.
-I never have the right to complain about anything.
-I see race and color of skin as something beautiful.
-I will never look at orphaned children the same.
-I won't go a day without thinking and praying for orphans all over the world.
-I can't spend money without thinking about how it could change lives in Africa.
-I have a hard time thinking/worrying about superficial things-my clothes, looks, ect.
-I am sickened by how America/Americans spend their money.
-I don't want to spoil my children and raise them with a sense of entitlement.
-I take pleasure in the simple things.
-I will never lay down on my bed without thinking about all of those without homes, food, beds.

Have you ever experience a 3rd world country? If not, it will forever change you. GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many of you have experienced this. How did it change you?


Look who's 6 months!

I don't think I can say enough about my precious boy. He is just an angel. He is becoming such a ham. He loves to talk and wave his arms to get attention. If he is anywhere that he can watch people, he is happy. If he is not getting attention, he demands it by screaming or banging on something. Clay says he's spoiled and I say good, he needs to be. Everywhere we go I am stopped a million times for people to ask tons of questions and talk about how stinkin' cute he is. I mean seriously, could he be anymore precious?

He is getting up about once a night and overall is just an easy baby.

I thank God everyday for this precious miracle! We are so blessed.


Change a life for Christmas and forever!!

As many of you know my passion for helping orphans has recently increased more and more. I want to do any and everything I can to help. Will you? There are millions of children that are in need throughout our world. YOU can do something so small to make a HUGE impact. Read below and help me spread the word about helping an orphan and I will enter you into a raffle to win one of favorite books, "Scared" by Tom Davis. Details below.

Let's think for a minute what Nile's life would have looked like if he stayed in Ethiopia. What if he wasn't adopted by us or anyone. We now know that without the care he received at Vanderbilt Children's that he wouldn't have lived much longer but let's say he did. He very possibly would have grown up with no mother, no father, no family, no food, disease--I could go on and on. What Children's Hope Chest does is find those children and help restore wholeness to their lives. Not only does your $34 a month provide a home, food, medical care, schooling, Birthday and Christmas gifts but most importantly it provides the opportunity to learn about Christ unfailing love for them.

Please pray about your part in helping an orphan in need! Read this post to see what an impact our sponsored child has had on me. I love this ministry b/c you really do form a personal relationship with your child and you are encouraged to take trips and visit your sponsored child.

Below is information from the Hope Chest website:

Long Term, Holistic, Redemptive Ministry

The vision of Children’s HopeChest is to see orphaned children find restoration and wholeness. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to know God as a Father and a Savior, to experience the blessing of family, and to live independently.

Through our program, you’ll help meet their entire needs – physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. As they move into adulthood, you will become a key part of redeeming orphans from their circumstances and setting them on the path to wholeness.

We look forward to a day when our ministry is run by former orphans who have assumed leadership roles in their own countries.

Beyond Sponsorship
What happens next?

Once children “age out” of the orphanage, Children’s HopeChest provides them with an array of services from community outreach centers (Ministry Centers), and transitional living programs (Family Centers and Independent Living Programs).

Many sponsors choose to stay with their child into adulthood – deepening their relational and financial investment. These programs help ensure a smooth transition from the orphanage to independent life.

Helping spread the word about this awesome opportunity is key! Share this post or write your own and encourage people to sponsor a child through HopeChest and you will be entered in a raffle for the book "Scared" through my blog. Just leave me a message and let me know where you shared the info.

I am so excited to see the word spread and help some precious orphans find hope this holiday season! Love you all!!

Happy #adoptionday2017