What will it take to open your eyes?

For me it took a visit to Africa. Here are things I've observed and how it changed me.
-I have seen complete joy in Christ alone even when you have no earthly possessions.
-I saw Jesus shine brighter through people with no earthly possessions.
-I am now aware of what poverty really looks like.
-I never have the right to complain about anything.
-I see race and color of skin as something beautiful.
-I will never look at orphaned children the same.
-I won't go a day without thinking and praying for orphans all over the world.
-I can't spend money without thinking about how it could change lives in Africa.
-I have a hard time thinking/worrying about superficial things-my clothes, looks, ect.
-I am sickened by how America/Americans spend their money.
-I don't want to spoil my children and raise them with a sense of entitlement.
-I take pleasure in the simple things.
-I will never lay down on my bed without thinking about all of those without homes, food, beds.

Have you ever experience a 3rd world country? If not, it will forever change you. GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many of you have experienced this. How did it change you?


The Siler Family said...

Thanks for sharing. We are taking our teenage boys with us when we travel to to Ethiopia to get our daughter. Despite the huge additional costs, we hope that they too will be changed by what they see. Young Americans live as if they are "entitled" to whatever, whenever they want. We pray the additioanl travel expenses are an investment in the spriritual future of our boys.

God Bless.....

3 Blessings said...

This is wonderful! May everyone see and "get it".

LaLa said...

Amen...preach it sister!!! After being to both China and Vietnam..and seeing the way people who had nothing were soooo happy I was truly changed : )

Alli said...

I just wanted to say thank you for your post! I have been following your blog since I ordered your shirts and we are now well on our way with America World! Nile is beautiful!!


alisa said...


I was great to meet y'all last night! Your family is precious!!!
Alisa, Vince & Micah Martin

Kristi J said...

i will forever advocate for the orphan...I can't forget those beautiful waiting faces, kj

Happy #adoptionday2017