As happy as I am that I get to celebrate my baby's first birthday, I cannot help but think about Nile's birth mother. It's hard to imagine but there is someone on the other side of the world that is remembering the child that she gave birth to. I cannot know who or where she is today but I wish she knew how much he is loved. She has no clue that he is alive much less so loved. I am sad for her and cannot imagine not knowing. I cannot imagine what her circumstances were and I pray that she has the peace of Jesus to get her through this life. As Americans we cannot fathom the weight of everyday life that she lives. I am thankful for the life she has given us. I can't imagine life without my precious boy. Please pray for her to have a peace as she remembers the baby that she gave birth to around this time a year ago.


John Piper on caring for the fatherless...

I love PIPER!!! Click here to read his article called "What Does It Mean to Live by Faith in the Service of the Fatherless?"


May 2010

Well, our little guy is 11 months today. I cannot believe we are one month away from celebrating his 1st Birthday. It went by so quickly. He keeps this momma on her toes. He is into everything and loves our stairs. I cannot complain too much because he is a GREAT sleeper. Nobody can believe how much he sleeps in a day. At night he sleeps from 6:30pm to 7am. Then by 8:30 is back in bed until 11ish and he does another afternoon nap for a couple of hours.I don't know how but I have had 3 great sleepers. Thank you Lord! He is the sweetest boy and LOVES his momma! He is very attached to me, which I love. I am cherishing every moment with my growing boy!! He is my most active and loudest child so far. He keeps us entertained and laughing!

His newest trick:
             Praise the Lord

Mommy's big helper

Well, if you are not from this area you have probably seen TN all over the news. We have had MAJOR flooding.

Check out the small creek behind our house.


We are very lucky to be up on a hill. Some of our neighbors on the other side of the creek houses were flooded.

 We have friends that have water to their ceiling and many business owners are being affected by the damage. Please pray for all affected by this!
Here are some pictures of the flooding.

Downtown Nashville

Parking Lot at our church

Aerial view:

Happy #adoptionday2017