As happy as I am that I get to celebrate my baby's first birthday, I cannot help but think about Nile's birth mother. It's hard to imagine but there is someone on the other side of the world that is remembering the child that she gave birth to. I cannot know who or where she is today but I wish she knew how much he is loved. She has no clue that he is alive much less so loved. I am sad for her and cannot imagine not knowing. I cannot imagine what her circumstances were and I pray that she has the peace of Jesus to get her through this life. As Americans we cannot fathom the weight of everyday life that she lives. I am thankful for the life she has given us. I can't imagine life without my precious boy. Please pray for her to have a peace as she remembers the baby that she gave birth to around this time a year ago.

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Talysa said...

I know that has to be a heavy thing to have on your heart...I will pray for her.

Happy #adoptionday2017