Shone, Ethiopia

This is a map of where Nile is from. When in Ethiopia we flew into Addis Ababa and were unable to visit Shone. We hope to get to see it one day. I would love more info/photos of this birthplace. I think it will one day be very important to him to see where he is from. I am so thankful that we are able to know specifics on where he was from.

I was able to find a sweet couple that were missionaries there and they sent me these pictures of Shone.

The church in the background.
Home in Shone
Tree in Shone
Hadiya countryside
inside of a house in Shone
The river where many gather to bathe and get water in Shone.

Nile and Amanda

Amanda and I met through our adoption agency when we were in the process to adopt Nile. She was able to meet Nile in Ethiopia before we did. Look at the pictures of them together. What a difference a year makes!!

August 2009
July 2010

Happy #adoptionday2017