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sponsoring an orphan? We signed up awhile back by making a $35 per month commitment. Soon thereafter we received a picture and info on a 15 year old boy that was living in Ethiopia. I have done this kind of thing before but I have never had a connection to the child or really felt like my money was truly going directly to this child.

I wrote our boy a real simple letter and didn't hear back from him for awhile. We were hoping to meet him while in Ethiopia but were unable to b/c we didn't have time without the babies plus Nile was so sick. I still didn't feel a real connection but knew that when I signed up with Children's Hope Chest that is was a great organization and my money would go directly to help my child.

Well, today I got my first letter. I was so excited! I went and got his picture and took it into the kids to read it to them. As I read the letter I just couldn't read anymore I was crying so hard.

Here is part of the letter:
"I don't have any family. Now you are as my father, mother, brother and sister. I thank God that he makes me part of your family. I am happy to be here. I am thankful you are sponsoring me, please pray for my country and school. I am eager to see your pictures. I am looking forward to getting my next letter. May God be with you! I love you Clay, Tracy, Bowen and Anslee."

Heartbreaking! What a precious letter. Can you imagine, no family! I just love the kids of Ethiopia so much and there situations will just break your heart. I know I still haven't really blogged about our trip but it forever changed me. So immediately I email Children's Hope Chest to see if he was adoptable and wrote him another letter. I am mailing off pictures to him tomorrow.

$35 a month. One meal out as a family here in America can house, feed, cloth, school a child for A MONTH. Unreal!

If you are interested please email: mindy@hopechest.org
To read more about sponsership--click here.

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April L. said...

That's wonderful! We sponsor a little girl named Sarahi from Mexico for $32 a month through Compassion International. I would definitely recommend this organization as well!

Lindsey said...

My husband and I LOVE volunteering for Children's HopeChest and have a sponsored child in Ethiopia too! Where is yours staying? We think of him as part of our family and cannot wait to receive a letter from him. We would encourage everyone to sponsor a child from HopeChest.

Hannah said...

That is the sweetest, dearest blog post. I work at HopeChest and just started sponsoring an 11 year old orphan boy from one of our Swaziland carepoints. I just got my first letter from Senzo -- it was such an exciting thing! So, I share your joy!! (ps Tom Davis forwarded your blog to our staff:)
Hannah C.

Happy #adoptionday2017