Quick update on Nile

He is doing great. Gained 1 lb in a little over a week and he is sleeping so much better. In desperation I asked for sleeping advice on facebook last week. He was getting up every 2 hours to eat. That night I moved him upstairs to his room. He slept much better. Last night he slept from 8:30 to 5AM!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it. IT WAS A WONDERFUL THING!!

At his check up I got the go ahead to give him regular formula and start him on solids. He is still a little unsure about my cooking, I am sure Clay would agree that it's an acquired taste :) Yesterday he had avocado and sweet potatoes, not too sure about solids yet.

We are having so much fun loving on this beautiful boy!!!

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Talysa said...

That pic is just absolutely precious! So glad things are going well!

Happy #adoptionday2017