4 weeks ago we picked Nile up....

We had an appt today with Nile's pediatrician, he was very impressed with his overall health and weight gain. Nile has gained 2 lbs since we picked him up 4 weeks ago. He is back to eating every 2 hours about 4 oz. It has been rough at night but I know he needs the nutrition! We are going to hold off on cereal for now since formula is much better for him. Basically cereals are just empty carbs that will make him feel full where his formula has proteins, vitamins, ect.. So the doctor was pleased that he was eating so much!

We did get him on Zantac for acid reflux today. I will be glad when that kicks in. He is a spitter!

The doctor is also trying to get him qualified with insurance to get the vaccinations for RSV. The shot cost about $1500 per shot and he would need several injections. Insurance will only cover it if they feel like the child is a high risk for RSV. The danger of him getting it and being hospitalized has to outweigh the cost to our insurance company for the vaccination. Our doctor is going to hold off on any routine vaccinations until he is off the antibiotic and staying healthy.

Tomorrow we will meet again with infectious disease at Vanderbilt. It is just a follow up visit. I will update if there is anything new.

Overall, we are doing really good. He is just an angel that I cannot give enough kisses to! He is so adorable and smiley!! Here is a cute video of him, sorry for me being so cheesy!


Anonymous said...

He's beautiful Tracy! So glad things are going well!!

the overtons said...

PRECIOUS...will continue to pray for your sweet little fella

Erica said...

Tracy, you weren't being cheesy, you were being a loving, playful Mommy! After all your family has been through, it is so wonderful to hear the laughter - both Nile's and yours. He is just adorable!

Jaime S. said...

He is cracking me up! SO adorable. I love his face when he goes from laughing to the "what in the world is that" face. I am just dying to meet him in person!!

Happy #adoptionday2017