Prayers for Nile

For now we still have the Vanderbilt doctors a little puzzled at why Nile is sick. We know some of the factors but there are still some missing puzzle pieces.

We would covet your prayers tonight b/c in the morning Nile will be put to sleep for a Pulmonologist to go down into his lungs for a sample of fluids. This means he will be unable to eat after midnight. It may be a rough nights sleep with a hungry little boy! Putting a baby under at such an early age I know is pretty controversial but I know he is in good hands at Vandy. I pray for wisdom over the doctors there!!
Thanks for all of the calls, prayers, texts and emails they mean so much!! We have an awesome support group!

We want this little guy better and we are ready to be back home as a family of 5.
-pray his temp stays in a normal range
-pray that the doctors will figure out why he is so sick
-that he will be able to have normal oxygen levels
-that he will start eating and growing!!
-pray that we get rest so we are able to function

I am now at home with the kids and they are napping so I am about to crash. Clay is at the hospital with Nile and I will be heading back later.

Love you all!


Anonymous said...

My heart is breaking for you! If there is anything we can do in addition to pray for you please let us know!

the overtons said...

praying for your sweet little nile. one of my boys had surgery 2 times by 4 months of age. vch is the best. will continue to pray.

Anonymous said...

Sweet baby! I'm so sorry Tracy! Praying for all of you!!! Love you!

Roscoe and Julia Richardson said...

We will pray for you tonight - I remember the days with Micah in the hospital we were NPO (no food) - we will be praying for peace and calm! the answers are coming! Love the smiles on his face :)

The Richardsons (YG)

Kelley Blair said...

First time on your blog and what a lot of information at once. Nile is beautiful. The picture of you and Clay seeing him for the first time still has tears in my eyes. I am sorry to hear he is at Vanderbilt. I am praying and have just prayed over your specific list. I will be checking often for updates.

Erica said...


Your family and the doctors remain in my prayers. I am praying for answers and most of all, God's healing touch!

Happy #adoptionday2017