Nile's at Vanderbilt childrens hospital

Yesterday morning we took Nile to our pediatrician b/c he had a 102 temperature. We thought the pneumonia was better so we were stumped why his fever spiked. Our ped. called Vanderbilt and they wanted us to bring him in. We went through the ER and got great attention and care. His oxygen was at 86% when we got there. Immediately there was a team of 15+ around him drawing blood, suctioning his lungs, giving him a breathing treatment, giving him oxygen, taking urine samples, stool samples, chest x rays, etc.... They asked us a million questions, many of which we were unable to answer b/c he was found abandoned..i.e. exact age, birth weight, medical history, family history, immunization records, etc....

We were admitted yesterday and told to expect to be here at least 48hrs. We do know at this point he has salmonella, a parasite (cryptospiridium) and his pneumonia is still there.

We have tons of tests pending. We just had a meeting with a team of 8 Drs. We are very impressed with this hospital. Everyone is very interested in nile and his story. It is always exciting to share our story about him. He is getting lots of attention and HAS to be the cutest kid here :)

In order to go home we have to have him off oxygen, maintain a normal temperature and a normal breathing pattern. Last night his fever spiked in the middle of the night to 102.6--it is responding to Tylenol. Since he's been on Oxygen and having his lungs suctioned he has been eating great. Before that he had taken 4 oz max. from me but 2 times last night he had 5+oz. We will meet with a nurtionist later today to talk through his poor weight gain. I want to ask about adding pureed snickers to his formula :) I think that would solve the weight issues.

With him being from Ethiopia the Drs are having to do lots of research on diseases/problems that may occur from being born there.

Pray that we are able to come home soon!


jackie said...

Praying for you guys and baby Nile!

jamullins said...

Praying for you all!

Lindsey said...

Praying and hoping for good news and a quick date for you all to go home.

Erica said...

Your family - especially Nile - are in my prayers! Please keep us posted on his condition.

Roscoe and Julia Richardson said...


We are praying for you!! I was brought to tears after hearing Nile was in the hospital. We are praying for God to give peace to Nile, wisdom to the doctors, and for Nile to respond quickly to meds.

Julia Richardson (AWAA YG)

Anonymous said...

Wow how amazing...I am so glad you are getting such great care...if he makes it to the nicu look up kelley's mom Mylinda Frost...she is there today and is a charge nurse. Prayers for nile and ya'll.
Laura Frost

LaLa said...

I am so sorry...sending good thoughts your way. It is so hard when our little ones are sick. Happy you are getting such great care! Keep us posted.

Matthew said...

Sounds like we are in parallel worlds right now. Praying for you, Clay and Nile.

Happy #adoptionday2017