Pictures of Nile from this last week.

A family was in Ethiopia picking up their sweet son and got some pictures of Nile for us.
Here is the email I got from her while in Ethiopia.

we have electricity here today so we're able to get online. just thought i'd let you know we met your little guy today and got some pictures. i think he just woke up from a nap so he wasn't very happy - but he is SO SWEET! he's a little thing - but he is precious!"

One week from today will be our "Gotcha Day" this special day will also we shared with our sweet Bowen's 4th Birthday. What a special day it will be in the years to come!!

I think he's frowning b/c he wants his daddy and mommy!


Tracy said...

oh he's getting bigger! that face will be lighting up like sunshine when he lays eyes on his mommy and daddy in one week! so excited for you!!

amanda humphrey said...

Oh goodness he is so cute!

LaLa said...

Tracy, it was so great meeting you today at iMom. Nile is a cutie pie and I am so excited for you guys. Blessings on your journey to your sweet boy!

Tracy said...

Not too long, now! Congrats!

Happy #adoptionday2017