We finally got word that Clay and Tracy made it safely to Ethiopia! For some reason I expected to get a text from them at exactly 11:00 yesterday that the plane had landed and they were there. So, I naturally began to worry when I went to bed last night without hearing a thing! I was in contact with Tracy's mom and my mom all day hoping someone had heard something. This morning, Tracy's mom said she received a text late last night that they were there but the cell phones weren't working. Praise God they made it safely!!!!
Today was the day they were supposed to meet Nile for the first time. I've been wondering all morning if they were holding him in their arms yet.
Tracy called her mom a little bit ago and this is what Melody posted on Facebook, "Just talked to Tracy on the cell phone..they spent 3 hrs with Nile..Clay said he was the cutest baby there..:)"
Hopefully Tracy can update us all later with details and pictures!



Beth said...

I know you are in Ethiopia and I am so excited for you! Sadly, our trip to pick up Kalu has been delayed until early Oct. (You've probably figured out I am not on the trip by now...LOL!) Anyway, I would LOVE to catch up once you get home and settled. What part of TN do you live in? And whom is our mutual friend? :) My email is hamshome@yahoo.com. So just touch base when you can!

We will be praying for you, Nile and the whole family! So exciting to see God work!

Beth Hamilton

Anonymous said...

Lori, any new news?

Happy #adoptionday2017