Procedure went well...

Nile did awesome today during the lung procedure. We fed him last night around 1:30AM and he would only take an oz of formula. At 4AM he woke up hungry and crying. I was really worried that he would scream until 8AM--So after praying over him I turned on the TV and Handy Manny was on and he watched that and stopped crying!! The boy likes to watch TV!

He has had zero side effects that they prepared us for from the procedure.

I really think he is on the up side. We are hearing rumors that we MAY be out of here tomorrow. We are so ready to sleep in our bed without alarms sounding every 2 minutes. Since I sat down to type this I have gotten up probably 11 times to silence alarms that are going off. The alarms misread info on him and start dinging.

We should get lots of info today and more lab results.

Thanks for your support and prayers.


jackie said...

Sooo glad the procedure went well! We will keep praying for you guys and hopefully he will be ready to go home tomorrow!

Roscoe and Julia Richardson said...

So happy to hear the positive update! We continue to lift up Nile and your family!

The Richardsons (YG)

Happy #adoptionday2017