Garage Sale/Car Wash fundraiser

My freshman girls from church are having a fundraiser to raise money for our adoption THIS SATURDAY!! I am so proud of them and think it is awesome that they came up with this!! Thanks girls!! I love y'all!
If you have any garage sale items that you would like to get rid of and donate:
Contact me at: tracyleev@yahoo.com or for further details about location AND HOURS!
Please come if you can. I will have the T Shirts there for sale too!


Leah Reeves said...

Congrats on starting your adoption. It will be more wonderful than you can imagine.

I love our blog header. Did you do it yourself?

elisa said...

I have to ask how did you get the paypal links for the donations and for the shirts? Also did you design your own shirts? I love them!

Melody Vaudrey said...

Tracy, We are so proud of you, Clay and our grandchildren! You both are wonderful parents and it shows in Bowen & Anslee. Our new grandson will be blessed!We are excited and ready to meet him!
Mom & Dad

Louise said...

Saw your comment on my blog about your single friend looking to adopt. I used the agency CAFAC..but I am in Canada...are you in the US??