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As of yesterday we received our family coordinator from America World Adoption Agency and got a massive email filled with papers, forms and instructions. Although she told me not to be overwhelmed, I was overwhelmed! I printed off the instructions and after putting the kids to bed I reviewed them and went to work.

Today my mom has the kids and I have:

Ordered birth certificates for me and Clay, Ordered our marriage certificate, Filled out visa forms, Contacted Clay's employer for verification of employment, contacted our insurance company and filled out a lot of forms. I feel good! I am not so overwhelmed today. This week we should get a call from our social worker and will start our homestudy. I forgot to mention we have 8 to 10 hours of online training to do within the next 8 weeks too! I have actually done a lot of mine but Clay hasn't quite started.

I do want this blog to focus on our adoption but I have to post a picture of my angels. I am so privileged to be a stay at home mom and love every minute of it. This picture may show you a little bit of the fun we have here.

This is my little girl's first time to finger paint or body paint! She loved it!

This is our son who will be 3 in September saying John 3:16. He is the sweetest child ever!

Our daughter sporting her Africa shirt!


Gina said...

Hi! My name is Gina. I live in Oklahoma. We too just got our call and big email yesterday to start the paperchase! We are doing a concurrent adoption with China. We are hoping we can move extra fast since we have a lot of current paperwork already! Good luck to you!

The Gillman Family said...

Good luck on your paperwork. Let us know if you have questions.

Kim (AWAA -YG)

Anonymous said...

Hi! My husband Rodney also works for the same company as Clay, thus passing on your website. We have a 5 year old girl adopted from Russia (2004), a 2 year old biological girl, and we just returned home from Russia on June 18th with our 1st son. We wish you all the luck in the world. God's children are so special!

Amber said...

It definitely is overwhelming to look at it as a whole, but if you look at it one by one, it seems like it can be done!

Bliss said...

Hi are on the very same page in the paper chasing. We got the email from AWAA on Monday. I had already started collecting a lot of the papers as this the third dossier we have worked on. We are hoping to use the home study that was prepared for our China adoption so that should speed things up quite a bit. So good luck with everything and who knows maybe we will be traveling together.


Happy #adoptionday2017