6 months of waiting

Well, our computer is down so I don't have much time to type but I wanted to update everyone. Tomorrow is the 6 month mark for our wait. The current wait with AWAA is 9-11 months. But we got some SUPER EXCITING news today. We went from #6 to #2 on the infant boy waiting list!!!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!! I CAN'T.
I didn't expect this to happen so quickly.

We are in the midst of moving right now so things are CRAZY!

Hopefully, we will see the face of our child soon!!! I cannot wait.


Laura Kelley www.pitterpatterart.com said...

So happy for you guys! Bet our boys will be best friends.

Scott Family said...

Oh my goodness! We are anxiously waiting with you!! Any day now and you will have his photo in your hands!

Michael, Adrian, Cole said...

That is so exciting! Can't wait to see his sweet face!