Adoption 101 Tea

Do you have a heart for the fatherless? Have you ever considered adopting? I am hosting an adoption 101 tea. If you have questions or just want to fellowship with some ladies that have a heart for adoption please come. Come hear from someone who has experience with adoption ministry and has 5 children- 2 bio, 3 adopted. Justine Gamble will be sharing shortly about her adoption of 2 from Ethiopia and 1 from China. The majority of the time will be spent answering your questions.  Light snacks will be served. If you have any questions please contact me at : tracyleev@yahoo.com

Here is Justine's bio:

* Mom to five kids - 2 homemade, three adopted

* Started and operated an adoption and orphan care ministry at a "mega" church for four years as a volunteer

* Worked with more than thirty adoption agencies, orphan care and missions to orphans organizations as a volunteer

* Member of the Christian Alliance for Orphans

* can host or help coordinate adoption and orphan care seminars

* can meet with groups or one on one to assist in the adoption process at any stage of the process, (adoption 101 classes)

* can assist in finding ways to make adoption affordable

* can assist groups or individuals in finding mission trips

* can assist churches in "adopting" communities in need overseas

**all the above is on a volunteer basis - no payment to me

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Kelly said...

Hi. I came across your blog today..where are you located? I would love to come to this event. We are on our second adoption, trying to raise money, and starting an adoption, foster care, and support ministry at our church (with another family). This sounds like a wonderful chance to learn more about all three!! Thank you for sharing.

Happy #adoptionday2017