What do you daydream about? Clay- Colorado, Me-Africa. Today, I've thought a lot about adopting again. I have so many friends in the midst of adoption, I read so many blogs and facebook updates about adoption! God has surrounded me with it. I love having all of the friends around me keeping the passion for Africa and orphans in front of me daily. I love praying for the families raising money, waiting on the call, dreaming of their child. A true time of faith building, patience testing and pure excitement!

We talk about one day adopting a little girl from Africa, Lord willing. We feel like she will be older, maybe 3 to 5. That would probably mean that she is born now.

I am praying for her today!
Praying she isn't hungry.
Praying she isn't lonely.
Praying that she is learning dependence on our mighty God.
Praying for her family.
Praying for her country.

Could you have a child right now that lives somewhere else? Ask God!


Talysa said...

I kid you not...I have tears streaking my face right now becase I have been on my face praying about this very thing. Then I come on here and read this before my snotty nose has even had time to dry. :-)

My husband is in Haiti as I type this...we have been talking through blackberry messenger. His heart is tender and ripe right now as he is being broken for these children in the orphanage. I pray so hard Tracy that this will be it...this will be the thing that makes his heart sold out for this cause. But I know it must be Gods timing..and His will...so I have promised to wait..pray...wait...and be ready to GO when my husband says we are ready.

Please pray for him this week would you? Pray the Lord will do a work in his heart. And that if adoption is His plan for our family, then the doors would open and that would start with my husbands heart. And if it isn't adoption I pray we would have revealed what His plan is for us. I know it involves children..I know it involves the fatherless.

He told me tonight (this is his first night there) that he already will never be the same. He said it felt so natural to him when the kids attacked them with touching and hugging and loving on him...he said some in his group seemed uncomfortable with this. He was even sensitive to that obviously. He sent me a pic of him with a group of kids and I just wept! To see my husbands hands on those precious fatherless children was almost too much to bear! He said he hated to leave them tonight. I can't hardly stand the thought of those kids in the pic sleeping alone now.

In His timing. :-)

Thanks for being faithful to pray for us Tracy.


Susan said...

We are currently in the process of adopting from Rwanda. We are struggling to fundraise, but we are getting there. We are selling our car to find a clunker that will do, we are selling our horse, and we have sold pretty much all the things we don't use on a daily basis. I am not sure where the money will come next time around, lol, but we are hoping to adopt again after we bring our son Judah home. Love reading your blog and I pray that you do indeed adopt again!

Happy #adoptionday2017