Well, my blogging time has been cut a ton and this momma is very busy! 6 months ago we stopped letting our kids watch any TV. We cut off our cable and we are so glad that we did. Although, it was hard. I felt like I lost a babysitter. TV time did allow me to get much more done during the day. Although, I stay at home to nurture my children. I do not stay home to have a perfectly clean house or to have time to blog daily.

I do want to update you on some excitement around our home. After picking up Nile in Ethiopia my return to the US was difficult. My heart was still in Ethiopia. I soon began to plan our next trip back which the Lord closed doors to. I was torn between having my children here to look after and being there ministering to those precious people I loved so much. I began to pray that God would somehow allow the two to merge. I didn't know if this would mean us moving to Ethiopia or adopting more children from there but I knew that God had a plan.

My wonderful mother watches my children once a week for me. I usually run errands, grocery shop, clean house and occasionally shower. :) Well, I just kept feeling like that was not going to be just my day anymore it was going to be the Lord's. So I prayed for months about what to do. God kept bringing "World Relief" and their ministry to my attention. I was fearful at first to work with refugees but I kept feeling like God was leading me that way. I was feeling led to step out of my comfort zone, being convicted by God's word. I finally went to a meeting and found out that they often had families from an Ethiopian refugee camp. I had no idea! I began to get very excited about the thought of being connected with that community here. Several weeks later I was matched with a family.

We met the first time with a translator but every other time it is just us and our new friends. It has truly been one of the more rewarding experience in my life. I have only a few details about their history but I know that it is a story of heartache and loss. Our government brings them into the U.S. and supports them for a few months. Can you imagine being dropped off in a country where you didn't know anyone or their language? Life continues to be hard for them here. Keep them in your prayers, along with all of the other refugees in the world. If you are interested in volunteering contact your local World Relief.

On another note Nile has almost been home a year and a half! I cannot believe it has been that long. He is now 20 months old and is a absolute doll! He has started to talk a lot lately. He has been our most active and strongest willed child yet. I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel though. Within the past couple of weeks our consistency with disciple has finally started to show some promising signs. I knew it worked well with the other 2 just much quicker :) He is Mr Personality and is always so happy. He is a momma's boy for sure and I eat it up!

Here is Nile and his newest friend Jonah. Aren't they just precious. Jonah and Nile were both born June 2009 in Ethiopia.


Lora said...

Thank you for sharing your story! We have just begun our adoption journey. Your children are adorable!

Shelley said...

You have a beautiful family. Tears were shed as I watched your video of bringing Nile home. You are truly blessed. I found you through another blog. What an awesome work God has done in your lives. Beautiful.
God Bless,

Michele Busby said...

I stumbled on your blog through the blogger's NextBlog thing.

And then I think I read the whole thing from start to finish.

Such a beautiful blog, such a wonderful family.

Thanks for sharing it,


Happy #adoptionday2017