Even better news!!!!!!!

God is moving mountains!

I have always been told that our daughter had to be 2 years before we could mail our dossier to Ethiopia. Yesterday I found out that wasn't true and that we could mail it as soon as it was ready!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS ON CLOUD 9!!

Hopefully I can get it done quickly and get our son here earlier than we thought. I am pushing to have it done by November! It is out of my control b/c the gov't has to do alot but God is in control and we will have our son when the timing is right. I am just excited b/c I was worried we could get stuck in the ethiopian court closure next year but I don't think we will now! Yippy!

We did get fingerprints done today!


LinTre said...

Thanks for checking out my blog.. I of course had to check out your's as well! I think I'm addicted to these things! I wanted to ask you a question about getting your fingerprints...did you go ahead and send in the "red" form to immigration? I asked my FC and she said I should wait unti we get the home study done and send it all together. But I was concerned about the time it would take to get completed. It sounds like it would be okay to send it in though so we can go ahead and get our fingerprints done. So will you just send them your completed home study when it is done?
I'm just anxious to get all of this paperwork done as I'm sure you can understand!


Kristi J said...

great meeting you guys...I"m so excited to have others sharing this excitment with us. We'll probably be close to the same time frame...our little ones can be friends...I'll forward to following your blog and I love my new shirt, kristi

LinTre said...

Thanks for the advise Tracy! I'm going to mail in in tomorrow!! I'll be keeping up with your blog to see how your homestudy goes. You are on a roll!

Happy #adoptionday2017