1st Homestudy visit

Sunday was an amazing day. Starting with an awesome morning of worship at our church. Have I mentioned that our church and its leadership is amazing! I love it! Brother David brought the heat yesterday with an awesome message! I love his heart and passion!

Sunday night we went to an Ethiopian fellowship that our adoption agency plans each month. It was amazing to be able to meet people that are passionate about the Lord's heart for orphans. The people there either have children adopted from Ethiopia or are in the process like us! It was so encouraging!! I was so excited to get to meet and pray with people passionate about changing the orphan crisis in our world!

A couple of families there Sunday night were inspired to adopt through this precious family's video. They hosted our meeting last night and I got to love on Levi Jeremiah. He is beautiful!! They have an amazing story. Here is their blog. They are adopting two more children soon! Look what their biological children are doing to raise money to help bring home two more Ethiopian children. I love this story. Their children get it. They saw orphans in Ethiopia and their lives will never be the same! Oh how I long for the day that my children get it! I love to see children selling their possessions to help orphans.

Today we had our first home study meeting at Panera. It was great! I just handed in alot of paperwork and they asked us some questions. They were super sweet and very laid back. Our "in home" home study is tomorrow. Yeah! I am so excited b/c I want to get the home study done and sent to USCIS, ASAP! The following week we should be able to get the individual home study interviews scheduled. Things are moving! :)


Tracy said...

So great to see you and Clay again on Sunday! Congratulations on getting your first home study visit down! Praying it goes quickly! :)

Amber said...

Yay for progress! That is awesome. I hope your homestudy goes quickly and that USCIS is on the ball!

Happy #adoptionday2017