I know that I cannot change the world by adopting just one child but think about it. That could be my son in a couple of years if I don't go.

Have you ever sang "Open the eyes of my heart"? I have and I've prayed that too! I think that God is opening the eyes of my heart. I know that the eyes of my heart have been opened to the orphan crisis but I want more than that. I want Jesus' vision and heart in everything. I want what breaks his heart to break mine! I want to handle and react to situations as he would.

Sometimes I feel him moving in me but I don't know what he is up. Which reminds me of a quote I have read lately. "Figuring out God's ways isn't any of my business. Following Him is." Kay Warren in Dangerous Surrender.

Dangerous Surrender is an incredible-life changing book that I am reading! I am only on Ch 3 but am loving it so far. From what I have heard about the book I am very excited! This is one of the books that was recommended to me and I ordered it having no clue what it was about. Books are recommended to me all of the time but I am not a big reader so I chose carefully. When I got the book in the mail, I literally had no clue what is was about or who it was by. I was pleasantly surprised its by Rick Warren's wife Kay Warren. Like I said I am only on chapter 3 but I know that God opened her eyes to the AIDS pandemic in Africa. After seeing it first hand she now considers herself "gloriously ruined". If you have ever been on a mission trip to a 3rd world country you know what she is talking about. You come home and all of the sudden your problems or stuff have little to no meaning. It's a great experience that I would encourage anyone who can to go!

Having two little ones I often envy those who can just go-pick up and go to Africa on a mission trip. As I read this book I am thinking I want to go now. Although I am so thankful that God got my attention at a time where I am able to adopt a child from Africa. I am so excited to go over and pick up him up. In her book Kay talks about ministering to the moms who have AIDS and their concern is not for themselves but for the children they will leave behind. I wonder if there is a mom right now upset not knowing if her child will have a future. I pray that Jesus comforts the birthmother of our son and that she has a peace knowing that he will be loved. Can you imagine the hurt that mother must feel?


Kathy Garrison said...

I so feel like we are on the same page with all of this....God is also stirring in my heart for orphans...African orphans in particular. I often wonder what He is up to and where He is going to take me in all this. Ironically, as we were praying about adoption, I needed a book on tape to listen to and I picked up Dangerous Surrender, having NO idea what it was about. It blew me away and God worked through that book to give me the courage to step out and adopt, even though practically it didn't all "make sense" for our family.
Glad to be on this journey with you! I think our DTEs will be close, too. (we are 10/03)
In Him,

Tracy said...

My heart is always with those mothers! I just cannot imagine their pain. So thankful to be gloriously ruined with you!

Susie said...

A friend pointed me to your blog... I am filling out the application for AWAA now for the Rwanda program.... First step of many! I'll follow your story.

Kristi J said...

such a great post...very moving..kristi

Happy #adoptionday2017