Three month wait and update!!

Waiting 3 months!!! How many to go? Oh I wish I knew!! Things seem to be moving a little more quickly but you never know. I am hoping we will get our referral this summer. What is a referral some may ask. Its starts with a phone call. A very exciting phone call from our agency stating this is your BIG call. They will tell you that you have been matched with a child and you should have pictures and info via email. You get to see your baby's face for the first time! We cannot wait for that! Just like when you are pregnant you day dream about what they will look like.

Right now I am in chapter 3 of the book "Red Letters" by Tom Davis. An amazing book!! A must read! I've learned a lot.
Did you know.....

That many believe Africa was the location of the Garden of Eden. What does that mean? Adam and Eve, remember the first people created. Our ancestors. Hmmmm....could we all be from Africa????

Africa is such a biblically significant and special place that many overlook. Remember Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus fleeing Herod and going to Africa. Remember Joseph being sold into slavery and taken to Egypt in Africa! Moses even married an Ethiopian woman.
I love learning new things and researching my next child's birthplace!
We have been seeing God work in BIG ways with us lately and I am so excited to share in the near future!


Scott Family said...

How exciting! I'm Africa obsessed right now, too and NPT has all sorts of great documentaries on Africa- and Ethopia.

A Walk to Beautiful was heart-renching!

Africa Trek is also awesome!!

Melody said...

I am glad you like the book! Eye opening isn't it. Since your journey my heart is in a much different place and for that I am thankful! I can not wait to see our new child from God!