Month 4

Once again another month down and we are that much closer to our baby/babies being home!! It’s a weird feeling adopting. It's not like being pregnant and having a due date. I like dates, something set in stone, I am a planner! But who better to plan out all of the details than God. I know that he has a precious child/children that he knit together for our family. Our agency tells you to expect to wait 5 more months or so but I can see that referrals are coming fast and we are about #10ish in line for an infant boy. In the back of my mind I think "don't get your hopes up" but it’s exciting! I did feel a little panicked last week that I may not be as prepared as I need to be. So I ordered 5 more books to read related to adoption, transracial adoption, parenting, ect....on top of the 10 or so I've already read. I now feel a little better prepared after just having these books in my possession.My favorite so far has been In Their Own Voices: Transracial Adoptees Tell Their Storiesby Rita James Simon, Rhonda M. Roorda. Just in reading the first 4 chapters I have learned so much.

I am constantly getting this questions/comments.
Why would you adopt?
Because there are children homeless, dying in the streets.
Because Jesus loves and tells us to care for the orphans/fatherless.
Because we have love to give.
Because this life is not our own.
Because these children need parents.
Ultimately, for us, because God told us to.

I don't have that kind of money.
Seriously, this is the life of a child. How much did your car cost?

OK so for some fun Ethiopian facts:Ethiopians have a very beautiful traditional coffee ceremony, its unimaginable for most Ethiopians to start a new day without several cups of coffee. Coffee is the best drink an Ethiopian family offers to honor guests, as coffee ceremony is the best occasion for a get-together with neighbors and friends. I've also learned that they use salt in their coffee instead of sugar.

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