A wonderful Ethiopian filled day......

We spent Sunday night at our Ethiopian fellowship that we have once a month. This month everyone brought their kids with them. It was a full house!!! We had a blast and left feeling totally blessed and so excited that we have such a wonderful support group. I am sure we will always meet and grow with these families.

My kids love making faces in the mirrors.

This beautiful little girl from Ethiopia loved Anslee.

This is Rachel who lived in Ethiopia and she is getting to see a child that she was with for months in the orphange. He is now home with his forever family. It was a sweet reunion.

Three beautiful girls with big hearts and always smiling. Two of these little girls recognized each other from their orphanage in Ethiopia. They have been here for a year.

OK let me tell you about some ROCK STARS that we met. The Weimers, my heros!! They had 3 children, adopted 3 more from Ethiopia and are in the process to adopt 3 more. #7, 8 and 9!!! Is that not AWESOME!! I told them that when I heard about them I expected them to be 50 or 60 yrs old, NO THEY ARE 31!!! I cannot even imagine but am very challenged by their testimony!

After we left the fellowship we went and ate at an Ethiopian restaurant in Nashville. The kids loved the music and danced the entire time. While there we met a family from Ethiopia. They are super sweet and thanked us for adopting. It was so encouraging to talk to them and to see their excitement for us.

Checking that food out...not too sure!

Clay loved using his hands to eat.
It was a great experience and made us so excited to go to Africa and get our baby or babies!!


Weimers said...

Okay, so you totally made me laugh out loud! It was great looking at these pictures! Thanks for posting them. And no...I would not exactly call us "rockstars!" : ) It was really great to finally meet and talk with you guys! I admire your hearts so much, and can't wait to see how God continues to use and bless your family.

Until next time...

Scott Family said...

I wish I could have tagged along! Ethopian food??? I can't imagine.

Happy #adoptionday2017