Baby's room

Wow, things are moving very quickly for us now. Therefore, we decided we needed to get the baby's room ready. We are thinking we will travel mid Sept if we pass court in August. Such a wonderful surprise! Here is a glimpse of his room!
The naming game is coming along. I think we have the name but need to do some finalizing before I announce.
Next on the agenda is getting our shots. Working on in the next week or so. Fun stuff!

You have to check out my friend's blog. They just got home from Ethiopia with the cutest child EVER!!!!


Scott Family said...

I love his room! (You have great taste!)

Like in 6 -8 weeks he will be here??? Seriously?? WOW!!!

Jeremy and Sheila said...

Tip on the shots, we had a friend go to a travel clinic and get all her shots, it was really expensive. We went to our family dr and asked if she could give us the basics and she was able to give the majority for a $20 copay. The only thing she couldn't do was yellow fever but then she said to go to the health dept to get that one.

Lizette said...

Lovely baby room decoration!! Crib bed, dresser and changing table all those are essential thing for baby room!! I like the color scheme!!

Happy #adoptionday2017