In 3 weeks.......

3 weeks from tomorrow is our court date. PLEASE PRAY THAT WE PASS!! 40% of families fail the first time. Just got word today that courts are closing for a month on August 22nd. Our court date is the 19th so if we don't pass it will probably be November before we could pick Nile up. That will break my heart. PLEASE PRAY WITH US.


Karlie said...

Praying that you pass the first time!! Last June-August we had 8-12 failed court dates(I try to block those months out of my mind so I do not remember)and had to wait until November. Once we picked up our ten year old son we realized that God planned how long he would be in Africa and he was not there one more day then planned!!

Because of the extra time at the orphanage he helped translate for newer kids coming into the orphanage (He spoke 2 languages) and led several to Christ.

home 11/22/08

Scott Family said...

Praying hard!!

Anonymous said...

Will be praying fervently for you both. I know you are so ready to get your arms on the baby God has waiting for you. Wishing you the best!
Laura Frost

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