He's 4, she's 3 and he's 8 months

8 month old boy!!!

People always ask, "Oh how old are they." I have my response down now. "He's 4, she's 3 and he's 8 months" I get a million questions. I think people want to ask questions trying to get to, "Is he yours?" or "is that your friend's baby?" that was my favorite. Overall, people are super sweet when we are out, just curious. I mean how could you not want to come and talk to these sweet faces?


jamullins said...

Adorable pics!!

LaLa said...

Love these pics!! I got a new one the other day from a woman who has volunteered in Annslee's class. She saw us at the grocery store, started chatting with A then asked if I was the nanny??? I then realized she had never seen me and had already made an assumption about what A's mom looks like. Of course Annslee piped up and said "no, that's my mommy!" LOL