from 5.5lbs to 18.4lbs

I loved looking through his pictures to see how much he has grown. I am with him everyday but people always comment on how big he is getting. I went back through pictures and made this collage.
1 Month--this was our referral picture we got on July 9th. He was 5.5lbs.
2 Months- this was taken before we traveled to get him.
3 Months--this was taken by a friend that visited him in Ethiopia.
4 Months--this was the week after we got home when he was at Vanderbilt Children's for 5 days
5 Months-at home, happy and healthy!
6 Months- Trying to sit up!
7 Months- Could he be any cuter?
8 Months- check out my haircut!!! He now weighs 18lbs 4oz.

Crazy what some love, nutrition and modern medicine can do!!

We feel blessed beyond words. Bowen has requested we adopt 12 more from Ethiopia.

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Jennifer said...

He is so sweet! Love his smile:) Good to "meet" you. What agency did u all use? Do you all go to LH?

Happy #adoptionday2017