Changing our request

Clay and I have planned on adopting more than one child from Ethiopia in the future. After going through this process I will be honest and tell you that the paperwork isn't something that I look forward to doing again. It is lots of stress and work. Plus, the financial aspect.

So we started praying about adopting two children now. Meaning we would pick up two children instead of one while we were in Ethiopia. We then realized that with Anslee only being two that it would be nearly impossible because they want a 2 year age difference between her and the baby. So the only way that we could bring home two children is if they were TWINS. Yes, we are changing our request to an infant male or twins. Twins are VERY, VERY rare but if God wants us to have twins then he will move those mountains. The thought of it excites me.

Our social worker is working on the addendum to our home study now and that will have to go back to USCIS for approval.


Rachael and Jon said...

Very fun! My husband and I did the same thing. We have requested a single male infant, but we have been approved for up to two Ethiopian children in the case of twins! This will be our first baby so we didn't want to start off with a toddler sibling pair. So we decided the same as you... put down single infant or twins, and see what God has for our family! Who knows!! ;) I have seen it happen to a few families!

Scott Family said...

That is so awesome!!

Shelley Egly said...

congrats! that sounds awesome! we are still keeping our options open for twins too. who knows, maybe we each could bring home a sibling set to hville? that would be so fun! our updated request is sitting in memphis now.

hope all continues to progress smoothly for your sweet family. take care!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on joining the twins contingent!!!
adopting twins

Tracy said...

maybe not so rare!!! we have friends with twins they got when they were 6 months old! what could be more precious!! :)

Katy said...

Congratultions on your decision. We requested siblings of either gender, one under 1 and one under 6 years old. We were totally shocked when we were referred six week old twin girls. In the Sidama region of Ethiopia, twins are not that uncommon. Good luck!

Happy #adoptionday2017