January updates and facts

Falls at Lake Tana, Ethiopia are the source of the Blue Nile.
All we can do now is wait. During our wait one thing I want to do is learn more about Ethiopia. I want to know about my son's home country to teach him all about this beautiful place. I would like to share what I learn with you too. I'll try to do this monthly with an update on the adoption process.

Most people reside in the western highlands as does the capital, Addis Ababa—the highest capital city in Africa at 2,400 meters (8,000 feet). The population is almost evenly split between Christians, living in the highlands, and Muslims inhabiting the lowlands. The Oromo, Amhara, and Tigreans are the largest ethnic groups.

Hunger and war plague this nation, whose history spans 2,000 years. Most Ethiopians are farmers and herders. But deforestation, drought, and soil degradation have caused crop failures and famine during the past few decades; seven million people face starvation.

Well, we just found out that our agency went from 5-7 month to 8-10 month wait for an infant boy. This can fluctuate monthly. This wait is effected by a lot of different factors through our agency and the Ethiopian gov't. Things like no internet connection, droughts, ect.. can push things back. In December there were only 3 referrals given to families, our agency shoots for 10 per month. It was b/c the internet cables that connect us, the major ones were severed by a boat’s anchor. And then, right around our Christmas here in the US, as the lines were being repaired, they were damaged again by an earthquake. Isn't that crazy something like that can stop the adoption process. We know that God is in control and only he can control these things.
"Rescue the perishing; don't hesitate to step in and help. If you say, "Hey, that's none of my business," [i.e. "that's not for me"] will that get you off the hook? Someone is watching you closely, you know— Someone not impressed with weak excuses." -Proverbs 24:12 (The Message)

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Courtney said...

i think we "connected" back before the holidays- are you friends with the Phillips?

anyways- we are adopting too and are waiting to be told where we are on the list and approx how long??

i, too, want to find out all i can about ethiopia:)enjoyed your history lesson.

question- how did you get that paypal stuff on your sidebar for shirt fundraiser? we are about to get out shirts to the printer and I'd love to have the paypal online thingy going!

happy waiting!

Happy #adoptionday2017