Featuring families adopting......

OK the word is out here are the families I mentioned in my last post that we found out were adopting AND ALL FROM ETHIOPIA. Each story is beautiful!!

First is my good friend Laura Kelley and her husband Josh. You know Laura, the talented owner of Pitter Patter Art. They are just starting the process to bring home a baby boy from Ethiopia. Check out their blog here. If you haven't checked out the Pitter Patter Art blog you are missing out! Laura paints and hand makes great stuff!

Secondly, the Freemans. You may know Jonathan and Brea from their huge consignment sale Encores and More they run twice a year. They go to Long Hollow with us and are adopting again! This will be #5 for them! A very cool story. Check out their adoption updates here and look what they are doing today and tomorrow for their adoption fund!

Third is the Carman Family. They have two girls and are just starting the process to adopt 1 or 2 children from Ethiopia. This is their story.

We are always excited to journey with other families with our heart for Africa and the orphans there.

#1 please pray for these families as we know first hand that when you step out of the comfortable Christian life into dangerous surrender to God's will, persecution will start.

#2 each of these families are raising money to fund their adoptions. Check out each blog to see the clever things they are doing to bring home a precious orphan!


Brea said...

Only #5 for us....whew, don't give me more than I can handle! HA! You never know...it might end up being #5 and #6 though :)

Laura Kelley www.pitterpatterart.com said...

Awww, thanks Tracy. You are too nice. we are super excited about going through this journey with you guys. glad youre ahead of us and can let us know what were in for.

Happy #adoptionday2017