Very encouraging!

I couldn't believe it yesterday when I heard that 3 people we know are adopting. Not only are they adopting but from Ethiopia!! These are Godly families that we will be able to raise our children with!!! You feel such a special bond with others who are going through the same process. I cannot believe how God is calling people out to adopt around us. I know the importance of our children cherishing their heritage and having friends from the same country to grow up with!

I have people often call me or see me and say that they would like to adopt. I have a list of about 20 families that have shared that with me and I have a prayer list. I pray that if their calling is from God that He wouldn't give them peace until they followed through.

I am expecting our I-171 within two weeks! That would put our dossier in Ethiopia in December. What a wonderful birthday and Christmas gift that will be for us! Stay tuned.... I will post when we get it.


TinyJr said...

We are really excited about what God is doing in our lives with the adoption process! Looking forward to the Journey!

The Carmans

Tracy said...

Love your prayers!!! So wonderful to watch our faithful God answer them! :)

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Heather said...

Hey tracy, I love keeping up with the process through your blog! Hope you are doing well and praying for you guys! The Carmans are great , you will love them!

Kristi J said...

I can't wait to hear that your get your very imp. piece of paper...You won't believe this..but we got ours...lost it, then had to reorder it..which this doesn't matter for our agency since they don't have to see it until you travel...but crazy that we actually think we threw it away...kristi

The Stottmans said...

I am pumped Brady will have a cousin so close to his age. Can't wait to meet baby Maverick! :)

Happy #adoptionday2017